New user experience feedback

  1. This forum doesn’t let new users post more than 2 images because it confuses images with links, so to see this thread with all images:
  2. Can’t read top tooltips lol:

2. Right after loading the editor it requested me to create a new scene, i did and then a tutorial modal opened saying that it loaded for me a “rolling ball scene” but i was greeted by this:

Of course the cube didn’t move when pressing the arrow keys as tutorial said because well, its a cube and it had no scripts attached to it :S

My guess is that it shouldn’t be asking for a new scene because… there was already a scene?

  1. Why are you hiding the extensions for some files?
    I found at the bottom a ball but there were 2 “balls”, one happened to be a material and the other a model. Hiding extensions doesn’t help in any way.

There’s also another item which i don’t know what it is because “source scene” means nothing to me. Is it a prefab maybe? Who knows, it can’t be dragged to the scene and nothing happens when double clicking it.

  1. I can’t drag and drop scripts over scene entities.

You’re forcing me to make 5 clicks (add component → scripts → add script → start writing and then select from the dropdown) when it could simply be a drag and drop.

  1. Can you read what the red text says? Because it can’t.

Just remove the background opacity on hover:

#application-console:hover {
   background-color: black;
  1. Copypasting a scene entity places it elsewhere by default. Why? It doesn’t help me if i’m trying to place a tile right next to the existing one. It also makes the “snap” feature quite useless as it fucks up the placing you expected to have.

  2. I expected this thing called “Resize Element Component” to let me resize components like the collision dimensions of an entity (i know i can change them from the inspector window but that’s far from convenient) from the scene editor but nope, doesn’t seem to do anything :S

  3. Clicking back & forward on the Asset store (i visit a profile page and then want to go back) will actually do History back/forward on the scene lol.

  4. To avoid that fail i’m clicking on the close/X button expecting it to just close the asset profile page, not the whole asset store. but it closes all.

  5. Let’s add the option to show a thumbnail for each asset so you can see a preview of it, just to then add the same thumbnail to all of them, heeeell yeah:

  6. Description and Content are tabs but they visually don’t seem to be.

It just looks like the asset description starts with “Content” and then a break line.

Maybe something like this would be better:

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hi, thanks for the feedback! We will have a look and update the editor where it’s needed.