[New Service] Add Leaderboards and Achievements to your PlayCanvas games

Hi all, you may have seen our mod of @max Tanx game. I’d like to share with you the games service we’re working on. - gameup.io

GameUp is a Backend as a Service for game developers. You can easily add Leaderboards, Achievements, Cloud Storage, Social Login (and more) to your web games. We recently wrote a blog post about how we integrated our service into the Tanx game:


We have a Web SDK which you can use to integrate leaderboards, achievements, etc into your PlayCanvas games. The service is FREE; and will have a free tier after our public BETA.

We’re looking for any and all feedback you have. Are there features missing you wish we had? Is the documentation confusing or lacking information? What can we do to help make it easier to get started?

Thanks to the PlayCanvas team for building an awesome WebGL game engine and for giving us their OK to introduce ourselves here.

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