New Project Pages

We’ve just launched the newly designed Project pages. A few cool things to note:

  • They’re now public to the internet. Fans, browsers and search engines can now see your public projects.
  • The Devlog is front and center. Post updates and logs to your project where people can see.
  • We showing both project views and application plays in the info
  • Direct links to open Editor and Play latest build.
  • Much smoother publishing interface.

Check them out. Let us know what you think.

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This is so nice. I’m going to take the opportunity to plug my latest game: Zombie Pac-Man. Check out the fancy looking new project page. Having the DevLog on the main project page is the best thing, IMHO. I’ll be updating it regularly so swing by for my update on zombie goodness!

The project page looks great!

Here is a quick suggestion: I think it would be interesting to see a new tab like “Ask the developer” on the project page, after the ‘Overview’.

In this tab you’d be able to ask the project owner about the game features/ideas/mechanics/plans/etc publicly. (Note: The project owner should be able to disable that tab, on the project settings.)

Another option is to make it possible to ask questions to the project owner directly on the overview panel. So you wouldn’t need to wait them to post a devlog for you to be able to comment.

I’d probably use this feature a lot!

Yeah, we are definitely thinking about how best to let users comment on people projects and/or ask questions to the community.