New problem why is the gun changing color really weirdly?

heres the project
heres the server!/multiplayer-test2?path=server.js:364:18
heres the json!/multiplayer-test2?path=public/weapons.json:1:0
so its set up so far that when u click a rocket should spawn where the gun is and once i get this working should start to move in a forward direction but currently when u click all that happens is the gun changes a weird color and no rocket appears the javascript to display the bullets is in bullets.js
so far the server is doing what its sopposed to do its just i cant get the bullets to display

Hi @koalastrikermi,

There is a lot of code in place and your console is full of console messages, making it hard to debug.

Not sure if it is trivial, but it might make sense to create a simpler project that tries to do gun/bullet movement only. That way it would be easier to debug.

From what I see your loaded texture isn’t applied to the correct entity/model but to your gun model.

yeah i would if i could but its all so intertwined and pretty impossible to do

yeah i know but how can i fix this i cant figure out why its applying it to the gun and not the rockets