New PlayCanvas Code Editor Feedback

Oh man, I just spent 10ish hours in the code editor yesterday, and when I went and opened the code editor today I could hardly believe my eyes. SO wonderful. So glad to finally be able to easily switch between files. So great to finally have hotkeys like Ctrl+D and Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down. AMAZING! Thank you so much for the hard work you’ve put in.

There’s only one thing left that I’d need before the code editor would be perfect for me: the ability to increase the font size. The font is so small currently that I’ve had to take to opening the code editor in a separate browser just so that I can zoom in on the code editor (I usually work in Chrome, and Chrome zooms for the whole domain–and I don’t want to zoom the test launch).

Any chance we could get just a simple ‘Increase/Decrease’ font size option in one of the top menus?

Thanks so much for the work you folks do! PlayCanvas is awesome!


Hey I’m glad you like the new code editor! Yeah font size is in our todo list along with some other user preferences.

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Awesome! : -) Can’t wait!

Hello :slight_smile:

You can now change the font size and some other preferences via Edit->Preferences.


You guys are amazing! Thank you!