New game: Master Archer

We’ve just released a new game!

It’s called Master Archer and we made it for Facebook’s new Instant Games platform. This means that you can play it in Facebook Messenger (and vanilla Facebook too, both on mobile and desktop). Read all about it on the blog.

But if you aren’t a Facebook/Messenger user, have no fear! We have also published Master Archer on


We hope you like it. We used Spine to make the characters, for which there is a handy plugin for PlayCanvas.

Let us know what you think? Also, what requests do you have for our next game?


Found it before reading your post lol It’s funny, now i know i would have killed all my familty if i was William Tell (or how it’s written) lol
There is something i have in mind since i saw the bowling game, would be funny a marbles game with the same control method. Like on the beach. With different tracks.