New forum sector for; Hardware development milestones, Performance and Platforms

In case we don’t have a similar section, we could benefit surely from this new sector:

  1. For every three years, the computational development skyrockets ('s_law)
  2. With the introduction of the smartphone, game development became a totally different ‘animal’, especially in here where games are developed cross-browser platform.
  3. As such I meet countless posts on the forum, regarding VRAM and other performance+RAM+GPU-size related questions.

As a lot of different numbers are being thrown, and we have to keep track of time. Who knows how the VRAM-sizes/numbers within this post High VRAM issues, will look in 2-3 years? Yet, this does not exclude some small percentage-users for being conservative and keeping their still functional ‘old’ devices.

I suggest that we make a new forum-category, that combines our data knowledge (by graphs and other sources) and questions in relation to performance milestones (for instance 3 year benchmarks 2014-2016, 2017-2019, 2020-2022) … let alone take in the myriad of platforms we are testing upon [those are important to categorize also, as they come and go as well].

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There used to be sadly it is not operational anymore.
There is a and few others like as well.

It would be great to build some website, with stats, and way to run perhaps a bench on it, which would store that data, and share it as well, in human-readable and machine-friendly formats.