New feature "passFlags" get lost when cloning Material

Hello, I was struggling some days, because i had to set lots of parameters by hand, which i had cloned.

But then i saw the new attribute in Materials parameters “passFlags”, it is always when i use “setParameter” but it does not get cloned!

release v0.219.3 (29 Nov 2017)

pc.BasicMaterial.prototype._cloneInternal = function (clone) {
    for (var parameterName in this.parameters) {
      if (this.parameters.hasOwnProperty(parameterName)) {
-        clone.parameters[parameterName] = {scopeId:null, data:this.parameters[parameterName].data};
+        clone.parameters[parameterName] = {scopeId:null, data:this.parameters[parameterName].data, passFlags:this.parameters[parameterName].passFlags};

I think this line should fix the problem.


This relates to recent changes made by @Mr_F. Thanks for reporting this. BTW, in future, if you find bugs in the engine, do submit an issue on the Github repo itself.

Ah, i see. Thanks for the infos.