New feature: Comments for branch merging and peer review


In our company we’re currently looking at how to keep more thorough documentation of changes to our PlayCanvas projects. One thing that has come up is the wish for being able to make comments when merging branches. For instance when merging a branch into Master you could use this comment section to summarize the changes introduced with this branch, and later you’d be able to go through all the history for Master and get a relatively quick overview of all the new changes since last production build.
This would be especially useful for QA tests for instance.

Another thing that came up is the wish for an integrated peer review system, such as in Git. This could for instance be so that you can only request a merge into Master, and then another team member needs to go trough the changes summary and approve the merge.

I like this suggestion. Please thumbs up to upvote:

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Neat, thx!

Yeah, we realise the 2nd request is quite a big one, but the 1st would actually go a long way for us at least in keeping track of things :slight_smile: