New Engine API Reference Manual

Hi everyone. :wave:

By now, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the PlayCanvas API Reference:

I have been developing an update to it and it looks like this:


Light and dark themes:

Filter Inherited and Private Members:


Class hierarchy:

Source links:


Copy source button:


Known Issues

  • Callback types are not documented.
  • Events are not documented.
  • Some getters are public in the docs when they shouldn’t be.
  • The script namespace appears twice.

But otherwise, it’s reasonably complete. I would love to get the community’s thoughts on it. Please share your feedback below. And let me know if you spot any bugs! If there’s a positive response, I think we can replace the old manual with this new one. :smile:


The TypeDocs output lacks density and is too repetitive, leaving plenty of wasted space. It feels like eating popcorn, there is too little mass/nutrition to it:

Even tho the JSDoc version has a giant header, you still receive more information before scrolling:

I also don’t see why Properties and Accessors should be separated. Typical sign of TypeScript programmers who tend to overcomplicate their code.

And why do we need to point out the same thing multiple times?


I also don’t like to see TypeScript syntax in the documentation of an otherwise beautiful and easy-to-read JavaScript project. We are suggesting the wrong things here.

Same information, without all the overcomplification:


TypeDocs is adding way too much noise, the JSDoc manual is like Zen compared to TypeDocs.