New Discussion Forum

PlayCanvas Discussion

We’re experimenting with a new discussion forum for our community. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already found it!

What’s it for?

PlayCanvas Discussion is for chatting about PlayCanvas and HTML5 game development, getting to know other users, showing off your work, and getting feedback on work in progress.

Along with PlayCanvas Answers it forms the second prong of our community. Use Answers if you’ve got a specific question, maybe about a programming problem or how to use the PlayCanvas tools in a particular way. Use Discussion if you want a longer, more involved conversation about a potential new feature of PlayCanvas or a game design challenge you are facing.

It’s new and bare at the moment, so we’re not sure exactly where it’s going to go. But we’ll adapt and see where you want to take it.

Note: Our new forum is powered by Discourse which, like PlayCanvas, is new software. So we there might be a few rough edges here and there, but we think it’s cool enough to overlook them.

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