New Blog Article: TANX Returns!

Come have some multiplayer tank battle fun!

Read all about the history of the game here:

Oh, and there’s all-new Snapchat login added too. Enjoy!


Wow! Although I also like abstract games like the previous versions, it looks really great now! I’m in love! :heart_eyes:

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Nice game!

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I can’t wait to see the tutorials!

In particular, I’d like to see how you handle matchmaking and replication of game objects.

Yes, me too! I am very curious how the environment is made.

I believe @sumygin is planning on writing a blog article explaining some of these things.

Froze & crashed when I shot someone, roughly when the shell hit the enemy tank. Haven’t been able to reproduce

log -

Cool game otherwise! I love the camera work, feels really nice

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This is a most excellent game, glad it’s back!

Is the helipad skybox used in any material in scene? Since it’s not rendered for the skybox, I’d say a smaller one, in file size, could produce mostly the same lighting and help with loading times.

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Well spotted, @Leonidas. As it happens, all DDS files on the server are not being served with gzip content encoding for some reason. If @sumygin fixes that, it should roughly halve the DDS file sizes.