Network Errors

have you guys encoutered these, idk what wrong did I do but my game behaves like this

Check the browser devtools console and look for the first lot of errors. That will usually help point to the issue.

Thank you very much! will take that in mind :slight_smile:

this is what it says, I actually don’t understand

You need to scroll up to see the very first lot of errors. At the moment, I’m guessing on of your folders has a character/name that can’t be be used used as a filepath (eg you can’t use # in a folder or asset name)

You may also want to check those textures/assets that it can’t load in your project. Sometimes assets don’t get uploaded correctly and causes issues with loading because the file doesn’t exist.

Can you share the project here?

It makes sense to me now because I deleted sum assets, because it is a fork of my old project, soon ill be clearing codes that aren’t used to make it optimized. Thanks for making me realize this! :smiley: