Neon Lights

I want to use multiple neon light sources in the scene. Is there a method you can suggest for this? I want it to work as optimized as possible. I couldn’t find an example for PlayCanvas, I am attaching the image I want to achieve.

Hi @mehmedcan,

For having multiple lights, a lot of lights, in your scene, you should definitely take a look and use the new clustered lighting system:

But I’m not sure if that works with the currently in development area lights that you’d normally use for that kind of neon lights.

@mvaligursky may be able to comment on this.

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Well that frame has a lot of features in it. Perhaps read as a start, specifically sections:

  • emissive lights
  • definitely SSR to get those reflections
  • volumetric fog
  • bloom

The easier way to do this (not to this quality) would be meshes with emissive materials, dynamic cubemap (box projected) for reflections, and a bloom.

So a combination of this for reflections: PlayCanvas Examples
and bloom from here PlayCanvas Examples
and maybe even clustered area lights (this uses bloom as well) PlayCanvas Examples