Needing to clear up space: if I delete a project, I assume it deletes the published website as well?

Needing to clear up some space so I can keep working on my “Mellow Tiger” project. I’m happy to download backups of my finished projects, but I assume if I delete them, the websites connected to them will be deleted as well? I’m hosting them under their own domain names, so I don’t want to lose them. Thanks!

Hi @gnormanlippert,

If I understand correctly you have exported builds that you know host in your own server / domain name? These will persists and will not be affected if you delete the projects in question.

But any builds that you published that are hosted in the PlayCanvas server (web builds), these will be removed.

I’ve just add 4GB of space to your account


Well woot! Thanks much! Yeah, I have the domain names, but I don’t host the Playcanvas content myself. The pages just load my sites published here. I do want to eventually host the content on my own servers, though currently I’m unsure what that entails. Is that easy? Please say it’s easy. :smiley: :smile:

Depends on where you are hosting but it should be pretty straightforward: Self-hosting for beginners | Learn PlayCanvas

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Thanks! I’ll start making plans to move my completed projects to self-hosting. Onward!