Need Sonic Animations

Edit by @yaustar : removed link to illegal ripped content.

I need sonic animations becuse Master_Engine 3D is currentley in dev I would like to start doing sonic animations unfortenetly i cant use blender to use this if one of you guys can rip animations from sonic generations that would be great.

Btw i don’t need Sonic physics at the moment take a good look at these sonic frameworks.

Sonic Swift : Sonic Swift Demo: New Framework - YouTube

Sonic Arcus: Sonic Arcus 3D is back! ( Read description ) - YouTube

Sonic Calamity : Sonic Calamity progress -- 2/19/2020 - YouTube

Sonic Project Advanced : Sonic Project Advanced - Beginnings - YouTube

Project Hero: Sonic - Project Hero - 2019 Demo! (In celebration of SAGE 2019) - YouTube

Physics Demo Could Be Useful : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Live Script Tweaking: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Here’s a link to my Playcanvas project