Need someone to help or for advice

Im new one here. I am not a programmer

I need help creating a game
Genre quiz
Maybe someone is interested in working together :?
The idea is very good in my opinion, I would like to talk about it.


Hi @Katriel and welcome!

If you can provide more details about your idea, maybe somebody will get inspired to give you a helping hand :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thx, thank you very much!)


I’m quite open for a collaboration. I have a good amount of experience coding here. Here are some games I’ve worked on before here on playcanvas:

1. PolyBrawl (My First Game, Works On Computers Any OS):

2. Physique (It’s Generally A New Concept, Works On Most Devices + Supports Touch Controls On Touch Screen Devices):

Hey! I am new here too :slight_smile:. I’m just writing to ask if you are still looking for developers?
Just PM me if interested :wink:.