Need resources to find animation sprite sheets

Hi all, I need to find some sprite sheets for sprite animations. Prob. I don’t know how to search for assets, I need hit/attack sprite sheets like in the video below. If you could share with me some resources that I can buy (free/commercial) sprites, that’d be great!

@Ertugrul_Cetin I have found sprite sheets on

Kenney • Free game assets

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Thank you, these sites are very limited when it comes to my need I think - at least I could not find on these

Not sure exactly what animations you are looking for in that video (the VFX? Characters etc). Some people will use the Unity asset store and just take the texture sheets/models/etc across

@yaustar This kind of attack/impact 2D textures;

Oh VFX packs. Unity asset store should have a few of those. I don’t know which ones will come with full animation sheets though and which are animated in Unity.

You may also want to search around film/video effects as they would have things like this as well

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