Need help with sonic fan game/Sonic and shadow rise of infinite

I need help with my sonic fan game i need level makers animation makers coders and model makers/script makers link is down bellow

Ok so recently i changed my Thing to Master engine sonic & shadow rise of infinite was a failure so i decided hey create my own engine Master_Engine ok so if you can help me i got my Sonic model from this site Here’s the Link Sonic the Hedgehog by Sonic-Konga on DeviantArt Ok so thats where my models from i used the animations from Slurrpe´s Engine Controller if u dont know what that is its “a framework based on sonic this is mostly being worked on everyday either me or a few friend but we could use your help to make the game on what its needs to be Feel Free To Leave Feedback And Star And Watch For Updates! Or If you want to help us make sure to message me we could use it! make sure to credit me” This was typed bye derpyslurrpe Himself Make sure to check him out And this is his Game i got his animations from Again link is here PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine ok heres my point the Animations mess up the sonic model If u get my drift And heres my Playcanvas Project Link im gonna Leave the animations on so u can see what i mean Ok heres my project link PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Updates on the new Master_engine its probably gonna be a failure if some people don’t chime in and help my situation oh yeah i’m looking for people to hire now so if you want to join my team here’s the link to the new Master_engine

And a special thanks to yaustar for helping me out a few months back

Hi @Drayden_Little! Maybe you can start using punctuation marks in your post. It is now almost impossible to read your post. Apart from that, it’s better not to merge problems into a single post. Feel free to open a topic with a specific problem and try to explain your problem as good as possible. That way it becomes easier for other users to help you.