Need help with my 2D game school project

This is my first time making a game and it’s a school project and I have some ideas to make my game better but I just have no idea how to code them

Here’s something I want to do
I wanted a text balloon to pop up over the mushroom house whenever my character comes near it, how do I do that?

Also, I wanted my pink orbs to have a disintegrating effect when the main character collects it before they get destroyed, is that possible?

Here is my project so you can get ideas. Please help!

Thank you in advance!

There are couple of ways to do this. You can do a simple distance check between the player and the mushroom house and if it’s within a certain distance, show the popup.

Or as you are using physics already, you can use a trigger area so that when the player enters/leaves, you can show/hide the popup.

I would look at using particle effects, maybe even with animated textures:

Is there a specific code or sample for this? Sorry I’m pretty new

var housePosition = this.mushroomHouse.getPosition();
var characterPosition = this.character.getPosition();
if (characterPosition.distance(housePosition) > 10) {
  // hide popup
} else {
  // show popup
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