Need help with MMORPG

I am fairly new to game engine scripting and I just started a huge MMORPG. I will need some help with coding the character customized, weapon selector, etc. The game will be much like Tera. Sorry will for not using the answers page correctly.

Welcome to the world of game creation. There are a billion more game ideas than there are people (and money) to make them.

In my experience these words:
“new … scripting”
“huge MMORPG”
“need … help”
“game will be like ####”

Pretty much ensures that the game project (if it ever gets one) will not survive more than two months. But what do I know? I’m a cynical guy. Prove me wrong.

Not really. I’ve been waiting to build this game for a while.

Hello, seems the mmorpg project is a goal common to lot of ppl, but everyone has his own type of game in mind, wouldn’t be wise to create an adaptable system? That way everyone work together and we can work separately just on the end-user project. I mean the fight output is the same, but i want to use the attribute dexterity while you want use the fighting skill so we can just make it where is possible to choice what u want to be used and the type of dice to be used.
It would be like a mmorpg creator that we can sell and in the meanwhile we will be able to develop it faster and have lots of different mmorpgs developed at once. I’m a dreamer i know :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean you want to help? I’m not sure I understood much of what you said.

Yes, i would like to help coz i want to develop a mmorpg as well, so i think we can help eachother, actually i’m facing a problem with model animations so i have to get rid of that but for sure a collaboration would be nice :smile:

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Ok! I can help in your project and you can help in mine if you want. My email (so we can communicate) is or Tell me which one you’ll email me by.

Did I add you or was that someone else?

It’s me :smile: my mail is i will use ambushgames :smile:

Ok! I will now give you editing access.

You might be better off postponing this project to do something smaller first. Think about learning to paint: You’re probably not going to create a masterpiece the very first time you touch a brush to canvas. I suppose that you could argue that jumping into a giant project could give you about the same amount of practice as doing several smaller ones – but the advantage of starting small is that it’s easier to change your workflow and code style and so on when you figure out better ways of doing things. When you start with a giant project, it’s much harder to turn around and correct your old mistakes, and it’s easier to get lost.

Either way, good luck, guys, and have fun!

Hi Summerfallsaway, yes you are right we need to understand better how playcanvas works, it seems it can do pretty everything if u know how to do. Anyway a project so big is divided in lot of parts let’s say subprograms that make different things, some part is shared too (ex. dice roll) and some other can be used in multiple ways (shop function for every kind of shop, dialogues that can give quest or not). And i think we will need to do lots of small attempts that will be integrated in the main code afterward that’s why a big comunity like this can help a lot to understand and overcome single hurdles.
Wasn’t just the emperor who made great Rome and so goes for a game :smile: cooperation is the essence.

Hi @AmbushGames,

Just to put it in perspective… myself any many others started out with similar goals to you. I have been working towards being able to build a big online game for over 8 years now. I have friends who work on dev stuff with me, and we’re all strong coders with tens of thousands of hours of coding experience, thousands of hours of blender experience, thousands of hours of photoshop experience, music composition and audio editing skills between us. We’ve even already implemented most of the basic mechanics of 3d MMO, both client and server.

But even so, we’ve currently put our big game ambitions on hold and are focusing on a little 2d sim game at the moment.

Why? The sector is just so swamped with lame “wannabe” games and failures. Even those few small teams that do manage to make MMO games, the games generally suck and no-one wants to play them.

We’re planning to make some money with our 2D sim game and then come back to our MMO ideas when we’ve actually got a budget of six-figures plus to actually invest in doing an MMO properly.

My advice - forget about Tera.

Start with a small single player game, or, if you really want to be brave, go for a SIMPLE multiplayer game, where everyone has just 1 simple player model (no swappable clothes etc), 1 simple attack animation, and can you just click on stuff to pick it up. If you do that, you might be able to release a game with just one or two guys inside a year. But even then you’re going to have to be pretty good with your story telling and artwork to get anyone to really play it.

I will take your advice and postpone the launch of Legend of Alex and start a simple side scrolling shooter. If you would like to help me one Legend of Alex, tell me.