Need help with making a program


I wanted to make some program by but it is so difficult for me.

Yesterday I looked for car - PLAYCANVAS and this is similar to my working.

If I can see open source, How do I do that?

Thank you.

You can download/view the raw HTML/JS (Among other file formats) source for most webpages/webgames from your browser if you know how to. The game project has obviously already been exported as a build though, hence you won’t be able to see any editor source unless you have an actual copy.

But please be well aware that not only is stealing assets highly discouraged among fellow game-developers, but also illegal in some scenarios. Gaining inspiration and ideas is always fine for educational purposes, but taking someone else’s hard earned work and claiming it as your own is enormously rude.

If it’s not a public project, than unfortunately you won’t be able to see the setup etc of the project.

Thank you.

If I wanted something illegal, I wouldn’t have left a post. It would be illegal to steal something you don’t want to open. I just asked because I’m a beginner who doesn’t even know if it’s open yet. Anyway Thank you.

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