Need help with loading models from sketchfab

I have some models from skecthfab but I can get them to load.


Hi @Connor_Briggs! I think the file that you need is inside the zip file. You need a program (WinZip or WinRAR) to open the zip file on your device. After that you can access the files that are inside the zip file and add the file you need to your device and your project.

so i need to program a win zip thing?

I am a little confused of how to open WinZip

wait i think i see what i need to do

A zip file is a ‘zipped’ file that reduces the size of the file on the web. If you download it from the web, you must first ‘unpack’ it again to be able to use the content. So you need a program for that.

On Windows I think you can use the right mouse button on the file and choose the option ‘Open with’. After that you can select the right program.

okie thank u