Need Help With Importing Animations

Hello, I want to keep this pretty short, so I will get to the point. I created a 3D Character in blender 3D. I rigged that character and animated their legs moving. It took about 1 hour to figure out how to import the rig/character/what settings I needed to change. I finally got the walking animation inside PlayCanvas. I imported both the rig and the character together as 1 .fbx file. I added a component (animation) and used the animation data. Everything was ok… but nope. The hand on the character was deformed. Normally the character was holding a gun with the right hand. The right hand for the deformed version had rotated to the back and was squished. There was no gun to be seen at all. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I am wondering if someone can help me. If you need more info, I can send a screenshot. Thanks

Hello, usually that happened to me when using mesh deformer isntead skin…could be that your problem too?

Hmm possibly. I am not an animator and have never done this before, however, I will try looking for info about that. Do you know how you change that option in Blender 3D? Or if you use another software, what stage do you change that at? I mean, actually let me look into this first. Thanks

@MAGDStudios It’s always useful to post a link to a project that shows the problem, ideally small and isolated.

As a guess, could be because you have duplicated bone names in your character’s hierarchy?

Hello @will Yes sorry, normally I would post a link to our project, however, this is our prototype for our main larger game (also to be developed in play canvas). We are essentially testing all of our systems and such. The prototype is sadly under non-disclosure. I will try what you said, I will rename my bones to be something different. Thanks.

I use 3ds and the skin or the mesh is applied to the model before you rig it…don’t know how that work on blender sorry

So. I fixed the whole main deal simply by fixing some weight painting that was screwed up. The problem now is, I get this:

!!! Can anyone tell me what this black triangle glitch thing is? If I orbit around, it seems to follow me. At certain angles viewing the object, it’s worse. Idk I just uploaded this and… glitch.

Please share the asset files or link to the project to allow us to debug the problem.

Alright, however, I must ask you not to disclose this to anyone else who won’t be helping. I will also have to delete this thread after we have solved the issue. Please do not touch any scripts or other files. Actually, how do I send a link? Sorry, I am new to PlayCanvas. I can add your usernames if you want.

You can simply add a user to a project, and we can have a look. You can add a user with read-only (default) permission. So I wont be able to modify anything in your project, but will be able to inspect the issue.

Ok great, thanks. Here is the test account info:

Username: TestAccount2


@MAGDStudios You can PM Max directly and privately to add him to the project. You don’t need to setup another PlayCanvas account and publicise the logon details.

Oh, thanks. Yeah, I assumed there was an easier way. Thanks, sorry, I am an Artist who has never used PlayCanvas. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: