Need help with google analytics implementation

I am not able to record users and the events in the google analytics dashboard. Am I missing something?

Here is the link to my project where i am trying to use gtag.js as suggested in the following thread.

Following link is attached as an external script in play canvas editor.

Below are my demo web stream details.

The project/scene no longer exists or accessible to look at

@yaustar Here is the link - PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Looks like you are using both GA and GTAG when you should only be using one.

Try just using GTAG تثبيت علامة Google (gtag.js)  |  Google tag (gtag.js)  |  Google Developers

@yaustar this GTAG needs to be a HTML5 file like this?

No, you can add it via JS code by creating the script dom element and adding it to the page

How about I add this link as an external script and use the existing gtag file?

@yaustar When I launch the build from play canvas editor, I am able to get the user entry. But when I am hosting it on an server, the entries does not get register.

You have to check with Maybe they block analytics scripts that?