Need help with enemies 😈

I need help mainly with two things:

  • The Boss
  • The enemy

The boss needs to spawn after 200 400 600 800 2000 6000 8000.
Then the enemy once killed its visor needs to fall and be dynamic.

Can anybody help?

You can create a timer for it and do the action when the timer reache the desired time. Also set booleans when the boss is aleady spawned to prevent it’s spawned repeatedly.

You can change the rigidbody type from kinematic to dynamic when your enemy is killed.

visor.rigidbody.type = pc.BODYTYPE_DYNAMIC;

But I need to know the full script

Hey @Jacob_Ellis2,

For the timer script, check out this thread - How to add an countdown timer in a game for ech round.

For transmitting events so you know when the enemy is killed, and therefore when the visor should fall, you’ll need to know how to use script events.

Hope this helps!