Need help! unexpected project size!

good afternoon community!

need help!
the project takes ten times more space than it should.
at the same time, I deleted the old assemblies - the space occupied increased, instead of decreasing!

I think it’s a PC side issue.

help me please. we can’t continue working on the project because we can’t download the necessary resources ((


PC show size = 10Gb
total size all source = 30Mb

Can you DM me the project URL/id please?

i send to private message

Not sure what has happened there.

You can either fork the project which will only take the master branch but without checkpoints and then delete the old project to free up the space.

Or continue working in that project.

In either case, I’ve added 10GB to the owner of the project to get past this.

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Looks like there is a bug with deleting old builds that I will log into our bug list

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Thanks! I hope you fix it soon :wink:

i’ve had this same issue with my recent project as well… it’s supposed to take like 100mb but its taking up almost 7 gb :frowning:

hope this gets fixed soon as its creating issues with trigo run as well

@Kevin_Herod I’ve added enough storage for you to fork that project so you can start fresh and delete the one that is taking 9GB

To help with us, did you delete old published builds on that project?

yes i did delete multiple builds, it used to be about 100-200mb now it’s 9GB hopefully that glitch is fixed as it is hurting the trigo run space capacity as well :confused:
thanks for your assistance!


Yep, thats the bug that the OP is getting to where deleting builds increases project size.

We have a ticket in place and will investigate as soon as we can.

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thank you