Need help to start a 2d game

I want to create a 2d game but there are no 2d options can you help me

Hi @IMPORTANT! For a 2D game you have use a 2D screen and entities with an element component. On this component you can add your own image, like a texture or sprite. After that you can add a script to control the entities and make your game. Below the first steps to start with.

  1. Create a 2D screen in the root of your project

  2. Add an image element to your 2D screen

  3. Add a custom image to the element component

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Hey there,
I personally am working on a 2D game right now, and I am NOT using ammo.js with it, I am using an integration called p2.js and I would recommend that if you wanna do a 2D game which involves physics.

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