Need Help on files size

Hello, PlayCanvas Community!

I have a question to ask: My project has already been divided into three scenes and is planned to be deployed on my own server. It needs to be compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Currently, the exported Zip file is already 800MB. There are no issues when running it on a computer, but when using mobile devices, it can’t be accessed. Does anyone have any suggested solutions?

lowering your texture resolution.

i’m not sure of main problem because i have not seen your project detaily, but most of file size proble comes from heavy resolution of texture.

I have try to use different compressed, by only use basis…
the publish zip file DID reduce from 800MB to 150MB. it run ok on desktop but some mobile devices still can’t be accessed.
Please someone help…

if you are duplicating it on runtime, there should be no effect on your build file.

and if you have big resolution file more than 4096 * 4096, it won’t open on mobile and even if it is 4096 * 4096, when there is too much texture to load low profile device might not work.

If you wanna find out what is the main reason for the big file size, use this too find what is taking most of portion. model or image. or If what you want to do is just to get mobile device working, try excluding portion of the file to find problems.

The Profiler could help you find out what’s going on: Profiler | PlayCanvas Developer Site