Need help learning to code

I need help with learning javascript that is not an outdated version. If you know the best new-est Javascript website please tell me. I bought books: The javascript book for dummies did not help(It was outdated.) And the javascript book did not teach (Started off with automatic coding that was complex and I could not catch up.) But they did not work as to teach me. I am eager to learn to code and want to start learning as soon as possible!
Please tell me your answer!

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Hi @Jacob_Mcbride,

Here is a good, free and quite complete course on learning JS:


Thanks! Also, Do you know how to code JavaScript? If so, you might be able to give me some pointers.

Iā€™d start by setting simple goals e.g. how to move the cube when pressing a key?

Iā€™d study the tutorials/example projects and use the forum search method to see if anyone else was asking something similar to get quick help.