Need help for my pause menu

Hello I need help for my pause menu.
If I press ESC key the mouse only shows up first (maybe because of the FPS Controller)
But if I press the ESC key again the pause menu shows up.

And if I press the ESC key again after that, the pause menu does not show up.

Here’s the Script I made:

var Pause = pc.createScript('pause');
// initialize code called once per entity
Pause.prototype.initialize = function() {
    this.entity.root.findByName('Pause menu').enabled = false;
// update code called every frame
Pause.prototype.update = function(dt) {
 if ({
     this.entity.root.findByName('Pause menu').enabled = true; = 0;


And here’s the project link:
I only applied this Pause Menu at Scene Level 1 first to test

Hi @Drake_Aurin!

Yes, your problem has probably to do with pointer lock that is activated in the other script.

Maybe the topic below can help you to solve this problem.

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Thank I’ll check this out!