Need Feedback! Improving the Hierarchy Search

We are looking to improve the Scene Hierarchy search and really would like your feedback on what you would like to be able to do with a search (ticket:

There are a couple of thoughts around this, ideally we would like to be able to filter/search by

  • tag(s) (like we do with assets panel)
  • script names
  • components
  • entity name (regex?)
  • entity guid
  • template reference (which entities are instances of a template)

There’s also the consideration whether this should be complete UI driven so you can toggle tick boxes to narrow down a search, it be token driven (eg . t:render would find all entities with render components) or both?

What do you think? Please let us know your feedback below!


All of them sound like great additions! I can’t think of anything else

+1 for searching for entities by their script name(s), this would save a lot of time when dealing with large, complex hierarchies.

Sometimes we’d like to select all entities that contain some letters combination, and edit those in bulk. At the moment the filter adds some random entities in between. Would be a useful tool (fix?) to have.

That’s interesting. At the moment it does a fuzzy search IIRC whereas you want to be more precise. That should be option that can be enabled/disabled :thinking:

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These sound like useful improvements, especially the template references and script names - thanks. Here are some additions that would further enhance the experience:

  • An option to find entities that have a reference to the entity/asset name being searched, e.g. find all entities using a particular font, or refer to a particular camera

  • A toggleable “exact search” mode - the fuzzy search is great, but sometimes you want to find a specific match (searching “Frame” currently returns “Framing”, for example). Additionally, you may want to toggle case sensitivity on/off


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Hi all!

Jasper from PlayCanvas here! We are currently working on some designs to improve our hierarchy search!

We have a quick dropdown menu for you to configure the following:

  1. Search by Name
  2. Search by Component
  3. Search by Attached Script Name
  4. Search by Tags
  5. Toggle for Smart Search (fuzzy search)

Another design is to introduce a condition based filtering as shown below.

What do you guys think? Would you guys love to have a more GUI driven filtering system or a more query based filtering system? Let us know!


My preference would be for the first design. I haven’t run into too many situations when I’ve needed to exclude results from a search. I think 99% of the time I’d just be using it to try and work out which entity I’d attached a script to…


Definitely! We are planning to implement the search settings design first and then plan out the next steps with a filtering mechanics.

I think the first one is sufficient for most of my needs. But we do use tags and I can see the second one could be useful. Perhaps hiding it under Advanced drop down would be nice to have.

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