Need assistance in a project similar to the BMW demo

Hello everybody,
I am a new PlayCanvas user without any background in game development or coding, I am a 3D artist.
I just got a project that is very similar to the concept of the BMW demo but with a high-tech cabinet.
For start I need to move the camera to a closer view when I press a 2D UI and open one of the drawer,
which is very similar to the part when the door is open and the camera moves inside the car in the BMW demo. Can someone give me some advice on this two elements?
Thanks in advance

Hi @okfir and welcome,

To move the camera on a predefined path you can take a look at the following example:

And the following tutorial is a good staring point on how to add programmable buttons to your UI:


Hi @okfir,

To add on what @Leonidas said for UI you can also use this.


Thanks @Leonidas and @Gabriel_Dobrzynski
What about the animation part? how can I start an animation when I press the UI element? I looked for a tutorial on integrating animations and could not find any

This can help.
Buttons on the left like “Dance” when you press it then a dance animation will come.

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Is there a way to view the project in the editor?

Just press editor

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