Need an artist and/or coders - paid work

We built a prototype of this in playcanvas last year. Now looking for either

  1. An artist/designer to create models/assets for a new game with the same basic concept, who will collab with our coder.


  1. A team or single person to do all assets and coding.

We have some funding to pay for the project. Please message me or reply, and I’ll send a fuller brief and the specification for the wider project where this game will be used. I’ll also send a link to the working prototype game (hosted on our own server)

Ideally, we’d like to see some storyboard images first (will pay for these too), before starting a build with someone…

Some key features of this game: touch interactions; html HUD; needs to be low poly and quick loading; aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, so should be easy to use and fun in appearance.

Colmts, if your still looking I would love to help you with this project for free, though I am not a coder, I am a theorist and a designer. I like to take it slow and create the details.

Iḿ trying to learn coding, but if you need someone that has to know how to code and design, I can understand.

Thank You for thinking about me though