Need An Advertisement For Your Game? Come Here! :D

Hello, I am a game developer and I would like to get some ads on my game. I am currently working on a game that is going to be multiplayer in the apocalypse and I am allowed to have two advertisements every time you die so, If you want your advertisement on my game please tell me in the comments or contact me on discord @savage_pixels. (pay is negotiable)

So if I understand correctly, you want to advertise someone else’s game in your own game?

yes lol.
sorry for being unclear.

Is your game playable and almost finished?


yes (Almost) finished I need some ads for my game for me and other people.

I like the idea, but I also foresee some problems. Think carefully about how you are going to do this if you want to take this seriously.

Okay, thanks for your advice and I have been working hard on this game for a long time.