Need advice about triangle count & draw calls

Hi, I’m developing a game for web PC, not for mobile. So my game’s current triangle count is around ~300k, and draw calls total under 100. But my triangle count might increase (will add new models), and also triangle count increased after I applied batching.

Question is, what is the ideal triangle count (max limit for average PCs)? What limit I should force myself not to exceed that number. And also I’m trying to keep draw calls at minimum.

Which one is more important triangle count or draw calls? - I know the key thing is keeping the balance but any advice would be great.

Update: %90 of my models are static. They are not moveable.

Hi @Ertugrul_Cetin,

In my experience both metrics can’t be isolated from the rest of the game. It’s true polycount is important, and draw calls in several cases can be even more important, but to find the right limits you need to measure them while stress testing your game in various devices.

I’d say modern GPUs, even integrated and mobile GPUs can render many many polygons. I’ve seen 200K triangles rendered on some Android phones without an issue when the GPU wasn’t limited by other factors. On desktop PCs that number can be a lot higher. Similarly, 100 draw calls can usually be a good limit for underpowered GPUs.

What’s important is to understand where exactly your frame rate generation/render time is being spent and see if you can improve there. Profile all CPU and GPU related tasks and see how they affect your game.

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Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.

Some of the common bottlenecks would be around the fragment shaders, overdraw and texture sampling.

This is all work that has to be done per pixel and can add up along with the resolution of rendering