Naming a 2-dimensional array

this is just a chat.

If you must control a variable 2 dimensional array size, will you use what names for the control variables ?
column and row ? width and height ? or others ?

I like ‘width’ and ‘height’.

For me, it depends on the context. But I often just stick to x, y and z for spatial variables and i, j and k for non-spatial variables (I’m generalizing to 3 dimension here!). :slight_smile:

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so interesting !
for 3 dimension, I will choise ‘width’, ‘height’, and ‘depth’.
I’ll use single character named variables for local variables only.

some years ago, I met the terrible codes.
It used like these for important variables: ‘i’ , ‘ii’ , ‘iiii’.
And no comment are there.
I was paled at that time. :slight_smile:

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