Name refactoring in script editor? and other few questions


I have a few questions:

  1. How to perform a property name refactoring? just within the script scope.
  2. Is there a way to perform a “Find & Replace” in the script editor?
  3. How can I add vec2 and vec4-like script attribute? I like the XYWH one in camera component.

That’s all so far, thanks!

Unfortunately there is no currently feature for that.

Ctrl(Cmnd) + Alt + F - I just found out about it myself, lol. And it is not that great at all.
I really like sublime selection features, where Ctrl + D selects next occurrence of selection, and just selecting something, highlights matches. And you can simply “select all” things. Which is easier.

We do need to make another iteration on IDE to improve those small bits.

There is none :slight_smile: We need to add them.

Thanks for suggestions, we always appreciate feedback.

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Okay thanks for the reply max. :smile:

Edit: Btw I found out the “Find & Replace” feature is Ctrl + Shift + F on my end. I’m using Windows 7 Pro, Google Chrome 46.