My project a lots of lag in mobile

i try to create a car configurator like [BMW i8 - PLAYCANVAS] (BMW i8 - PLAYCANVAS)
my project link Model Viewer | Editor (
now I discuss my problem.

  1. my project a lot of lags in mobile but BMW i8 is so smooth in mobile. how i solve this?
  2. can anyone give me BMW i8 project editor link or sameller project link

Hi @Md_Moshiuzzaman and welcome! Your project works fine on my mobile (iPhone 14 Pro). Where or when do you see the lag and what kind of mobile do you use?

If you want it to run on lower end devices you should bring down your draw calls. I see it at 175 draw calls at the moment. No strict rule here, but you want it to be around 40-60 then.

Many mesh instances, that could all be a single mesh:

Make sure you read this section in the guide: