My PlayCanvas experience is broken, won't launch out of editor: load (event error)

I didnt change anything in the last 4 weeks. Since some time, don’t know how much exactly, the experience won’t load anymore. This is the errormessage in the browserconsole:

load (event error) [index.mjs:80:18]

Any idea how to fix this?
Thanks for the help!

@Elliott - would you have any thoughts on this?

Apparently its just not working to launch it from the editor. Publishing it to my own webspace works fine…

Is the project public? Can you share the URL?

So the problem is that you’ve dropped a PlayCanvas Engine (playcanvas.js) into your Asset Panel. It’s engine 1.57.0-dev, so very old! This is no longer compatible with the launch page. I believe you just need to delete that custom engine and the scene should launch just fine.

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