My gravity is glitching out

I took out a piece of code that allowed the y axis to spin in the fpv camera, but then it won’t walk or fall, its like its on static not dynamic. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Dylan_McDorman,

The problem in this case is you are using a Mesh collider for your dynamic player body, which isn’t supported.

Change the collision component to use a capsule collider or some other primitive and it will work quite ok:


ok, but i have done this before with a mesh collider, that’s weird that is not working here.

Iv done what you said and its still not working

You may have other kind of errors in the way, trying increasing the power here to something bigger e.g. 250 or 2500:


Well let me try just applying the code to another object and see if it is the code or the object

Ok iv switched the object but look what happens now

Hello @Dylan_McDorman
I can see in your editor

For it to work you can do about 30 which works for me always. Another problem is that your camera is below the player. It should be Player as the top hierarchy then the camera.

Can you fix it if I give you admin?

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Because i have no idea what you just said

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It’s ok, It’s a example of history which i’m very good at.