My Game wont Run at all (Invalid batch 100000 insertion)

My game that is going to be randomly generated endless driving game, and I know about coding only bacis undersatinding

(its called Endless Cruiser)

Invalid batch 100000 should only be a warning. It means that you are trying to batch render components to a group that doesn’t exist. I would check for other errors in the console.

If you are having trouble, please share a link to the project.

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Do I need to publish what I have so far, and also what page do I have to view the console in? (The Code Editor, Launcher, or the regular editor?)
Thanks in advance

If the project is public, you can share a link here to the dashboard

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here is the link to the project, also thanks for the help so far! :slight_smile:

Fixing the batch 10000 message:

Some in project, some of the render components are using a non existent batch group so we need to set them to None.

You can see it is still rendering black. This is because there is no camera in the scene.

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oh, thats why, thank you! And do I have to set camera priority or can it be anywhere in the list of entities/renders?

You don’t have to set camera priority. That’s only used when you have more than one camera.

You can set it anywhere in the hierarchy but if it’s a child under another entity, when the parent entity moves, so does it’s children

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