My experience about playcanvas

Let me introduce myself first. I’m Jayed Hasan. I’m an independent game developer and I’m kinda new to game development. But I really like to explore how things are going. So, I search the internet frequently and search for what’s new. I developed several games on unity,construct 2 , game-maker before. Most of the cases I had kind of good experience. So, I saw this Playcanvas engine in a blog and decided to have some fun with it. I wanted to make one of my existing slot game which I built on construct 2 game engine on playcanvas. But I’m trying two days just to make the interface. It consumed a lot of time to load the server. And sometimes I find that the server is down.

Suggestions to the creator

  1. Please make the engine user friendly to the new developers so that they can easily understand what they’re doing.
  2. Make some tutorials or give some sample templates where we can learn and understand how to do that,
  3. Clarify everything. For example, if your engine is not for 2d development or its too hard to make 2d games write it strictly. I spent my two days for making a 2d interface and failed to do that. Better make some more documentation how to use.

I had much more to say, but I don’t think it’ll bring me any solution. Consider these suggestions if you think they are correct. And if I’m wrong don’t forget to tell that as well. Thanks for reading,