♪♫♪ [MUSIC] VOLKOVSTUDIO - Music, SFX, Voice over, implementation (every week new work) ♪♫♪

Hello! My name is Ilia Volkov, I compose music for everyday usage: video games, animations and so on. I like impressive video games, colourful cartoons and animation - in short words all that gives people joy. Quantity of my finished projects is approaching 150. There are 5 sound specialists in my team.
I have a degree in the speciality “Information science in Art”. I practise playing musical instruments for about 20 years and composing music for about 10 years.

Skype/Telegram: vierarmig
Discord: Volkovstudio#4000

Please check my portfolio:


Stalker 2 (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 – Skif) 2021 HD sound redesign

Mexican Road Trip by Kamagames (sound design and music)

Until We Die Promo (sfx, music, voice over by volkovstudio)

Western country by Kamagames (sound design and music)

Storzy - Cyberpunk (music by volkovstudio)

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Kitchen Star (music by Volkovstudio)

Atlantis Odyssey (Vizor game test work)

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Storzy - Detective (music by volkovstudio)

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Cyber Fight Challenge (sounds, music and voiceover by volkovstudio)

TV Jackpot by Kamagames (sound design and music)

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (sound re-design and music by volkovstudio.com)

Atomic Heart - Teaser Trailer

Until We Die - Trailer - music and sound by volkovstudio.com

Until Iron Armada update promo (2020)

Until Pekin Moscow & 2 Bears 2018

Book of Truth (music by volkovstudio)

Diplomacy is not an option (trailer) 2021

Gravewood High — Trailer (2021) by volkovstudio.com

After Shadows Trailer (2021) by volkovstudio.com