Music is not playing on Mobile

In the following project, at launching the music plays well in desktop.
But on mobile, nothing plays even after I click the screen.
Any help?

If autoplay is enabled, it is normal that there is no sound on the mobile.
That’s the way the Audio API is.

It would be helpful to read this article.
Autoplay Guide

I can’t see any audio asset in that project

Music works fine on my iPhone 14 pro with iOS 16.4.1. (Both projects I have seen on this topic).

Do you have the mute button enabled on the iPhone?

Hi, Everyone!

Thanks for all the advices and help.
It turns out it was the autoplay problem,
But what added my puzzle was the following…

My personal iPhone has been muted while I was testing. @.@ What? I know! Ughh. Not proud.
In the chrome browser, a youtube video was playing with a sound perfectly fine,
So I didn’t suspect that at all.

Sorry for the confusion.
But thanks again for the help!

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There’s a feature request about making audio play even when muted here IOS force play audio even with mute switch toggled · Issue #4678 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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