Multple tab editor control

would be nice if you could have multiple tabs open in web browser that all have the editor open.
or have the option to open ui elements in seperate tabs

move the camera in on and it updaes the others, select a mesh and it selects it in the others.
this way you could customise the editor ui by your browser windows.

useful for people with duel monitors, view and hierarchy on one monitor and asset library in the other.

i know it would help me alot, 2 small screens XD

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Actually that’s one feature of Playcanvas I’ve been using a lot over the years.

You can have as many windows as you like, both of the editor and the code editor, on the same or different browsers. Every change that you make is being automatically propagated to the other windows.

That’s how many people can collaborate on the same project.

On one window you can expand the assets panel, on the other the hierarchy or the inspector. If you select a camera as main view point and you move that camera, it will update the view on the other windows as well.

Ofcourse I agree it might be useful to expand this with selections but that might be confusing.

can you hide individual panels?, like the hierarchy
or have two of the same panel
im used to having multiple content browsers open

Two of the same tabs on the same window no, though if you can have multiple tabs that’s solved already.

Yes you can hide them (collapse) by clicking on their label:


You can also press space that will collapse/expand all panels.


guess the only thing is the select an asset on one tab and it selects it on the other XD

so not much of a suggestion thread

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@will @vaios may have a point of view on cross window selections.

I’m not convinced that’s what most developers would want. I actually like to be able to make different selections in multiple instances of the Editor viewing the same scene. For example, sometimes, I’ll have one entity selected in one Editor and have a different entity selected in the other while I manually ‘copy’ over settings. @vaios might have his own thoughts on this.

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seems a switch to activate cross tabs duel selection might be the answer to that, but i do see how it is definitly usful to select different assets

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