Multiple viewers(or viewports)

Is it possible to open two viewers looking at the same scene. Or even better, two different scenes.
While still maintaining a single codebase so I can, for example, copy objects selected in one window into a second scene in a second window ? (or the same scene with two cameras looking in different places if two scenes is not possible ?)

It seems like theVR options are similar to two viewports into one scene. but I’d like independent cameras.

In the editor? Yes that’s all possible as long as the scenes are in the same project. I do this all the time when doing level design. Ctrl-C/V (Cmd on Mac) copies and pastes

In a running game you make two cameras. In the editor - not sure you might need 2 accounts or they might sync. It always amuses me when my colleagues and I fight over level design at the same time.

@whydoidoit thanks for the info. Actually I meant when launched.
E.g. seeing two viewers side by side with the same scene in it, or two different scenes.
When I add a second camera I seea pip of the second cam when in the editor but only the first? camera in the list when launched.
Maybe I need to add a div and indicate what goes where ?

Ah well you need to say where it is on screen to get a second camera with pip on one display. That’s the priority and view port settings on the camera (viewport coordinates are 0…1). Another choice would be to have two cameras and use a query string search parameter to say which to use (you;d parse the query string in a script attached to each camera and have them switch that way, or just reposition your one camera etc) - with this you can open two browser tabs looking in different directions etc.