Multiple Textures on a single Material

Hey there! I’ve been looking around for a solution for this on the forums but even old posts didn’t help me too much.

I’ve got a secret project going on, and it involves a lot of aspects of an RPG game, such as being able to equip items like armor, shirts, pants, gloves, etc.

Giving the fact that there’s a high level of player customization in it, I came to a point where I saw there could be two possible solutions for each “equipment” item.

When the equipment is something like a weapon, you just have to grab the mesh and position it into the bone of the hand on the character.

When it is a shirt, or an armor, I wanted ot do it kinda like World of Warcraft does, which is to just paint the amor texture on top of the “base” texture of a character, and on top of other armor layers.

So it’s essentially a Material with multiple textures on it.

However, I’ve seen that with the current Material settings on PlayCanvas, I am completely unable to do this, so I am looking for some advice while I research.

I guess I’ll have to write a Shader for this? Which is bad, because I have no idea, for me Shaders are still like black magic :stuck_out_tongue:

Check this, it might help you. It involves shaders, yes, but the logic is pretty simple.

It allows you to use a single material with multiple textures:


Thanks for the link, I will calmly look into it during next week :slight_smile:

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Your other choice is to actually paint the two textures together and update the material. So blend the two images. It’s higher performance but requires the configuration step.

The link for your project at the end of the tutorial doesn’t work anymore. Could you reupload this?