Multiple mesh instances vs one skinned mesh

I was wondering… In PlayCanvas is it generally cheaper to have multiple smaller mesh instances or one single skinned mesh? :thinking:

I’m working on an FPS and am unsure how I should make the weapon model assets. Say I have a revolver with 8 individual moving parts: trigger, hammer, cylinder etc. I’m going to parent the weapon model to either a first person hand model or a third person character model depending on perspective. These models will have a matching set of bones, so I can just parent by name. The animation will take care of the rest.

Now, should the revolver model asset be made with multiple meshes, so I can reparent those directly, or should I use a single skinned mesh and reparent its bones instead?

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I’d probably go with a single skinned mesh, as draw calls are not cheap, especially if targeting mobile as well.


Good point! I’ll go that way, then. Thanks :grin: