Multiple Materials Per Entity

Hello all! AWESOME engine! I haven’t touched JS in years and its amazing to see how its evolved beyond form validation lol! Anyways, I would like to apply multiple materials per entity as in Blender I have a model with multiple materials. How can I achieve this programmatically in PlayCanvas?

For instance, I have a model with the trim set to one material and main body set to a different one. When I load the model in the editor from a DAE file none of the materials are applied to the model, but they all appear in the asset pane. How can I change those materials with a script?


It’s possible you’ve encounter a bug with our model importer which failed to set up the materials correctly.

When you import your model you should see materials imported along with the model. When you select the model you will see a list of the meshes of the model and the materials that are assigned to them. You can edit these materials or re-assign materials to different meshes.

If you don’t see materials when you imported, I’d suggest re-importing just to see if you’ve encountered this bug.


Hi Dave,
Thank you for the speedy response! I’ve tried reimporting both as DAE and FBX, but I get the same result. No materials are applied, but they are present in the asset panel. Also, I do not see submeshes in the online editor. I am using the latest version of Blender 2.73 if that matters?

Can you post a link to a public project for me to see?

Hi Dave,
I was poking around some more and got it to work. I was exporting a DAE using a script I had downloaded from another site and not Blender’s default. Blender’s default FBX did not work though.